Holistic Counselling & Therapy

“Relationships are built on authentic & effective communication established consistently. Once that is managed well, other aspects of enjoying healthy relationships with other team or group members will fall in place” –

Relationship Coaches can facilitate;


  • Creating healthy & happy working relationships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership & growth
  • Relationship coaching for management, executives & leaders
  • Empowered communication directed towards better results & outcome
  • Cultural awareness & enhancement
  • Effective team building
  • Raising EQ for self & others
  • Time management & stress management
  • Tools & strategies to energize work environment & ambience to increase social intelligence
  • Wheel of life and its impact at workplace relationships
  • Health & Well-being for better relationships

Why our Coaching Chief?


  • Master communicator when it comes to filling in the blanks
  • Decades of organisational relationship management
  • Zealously effective leadership
  • Highly intuitive introspection into workplace or organisation and its people culture¬†
  • Customized programs & workshops that enhance not just relationships but overall productivity & quality of work-life (insert complimentary consultation)