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‘Our younger generations are tomorrow’s ambassadors, beacons of light and powerhouses for positive change and transformation. The right foundation to set them for life is one of the key responsibilities of parents & caregivers. Life Coaching can help propel the setting of this foundation and take them beyond what we as parents & caregivers think it is possible. It can help facilitate their goals and innate desires for true success. Happy children & youth leads to a happy world –

Children are indeed one of the most precious bundles of joy in any parent’s life. And naturally most parents would do anything to make sure their children are happy, motivated, successful, enjoying & thriving in life as children should be. They are blessed with innate energy and parents strive to ensure this whirlpool of energy is correctly channelled and gives them the best opportunities to set a solid foundation. Channelling that energy efficiently for their highest good is our primary goal.

Life is full of ups & downs and these have deep and lasting impressions on our younger people. Sometimes undesirable circumstances can hamper and start affecting the joy and state of bliss and positive development.

Why Zain as a sort after life coach for this age group? (Insert link to Coaching Chief)

If you feel connected, trust that you may very well be on the next step towards empowering your child or young person Transformation can happen in a moment or sometimes it can take some time. Our turbo charged sessions empower these beacons of light to shine for themselves, turnaround and transform an undesirable situation.

Some common situations why life coaching for children & youth; 

  • Achieving specific personal or academic goals 
  • Schedule & time management, relationship management 
  • Youth stress & anxiety turnaround 
  • Communication & leadership skills
  • Feeling lost, needing direction, finding purpose and a feeling of self-worthiness
  • Peer pressure & social stigma
  • Social media impacts taking a toll 
  • Confidence building, taking charge and working towards their dream 
  • Raising their emotional intelligence to work for their highest good
  • Healing from family issues and communication breakdown

The time taken varies as all of us have different circumstances, situations and stages in life. If you prefer connecting before committing, please click on, truly there is nothing to lose!

 – Namaste, Aroha & Best Wishes Always, ZAINZ Coaching Crew


Click on the link above and get access to details on our dynamic & proven 3 +1 session cycle with information on structure & investment guideline. One key session is offered for FREE

PLUS, any repeated cycles for the same goals or new goals for our existing clients will be offered at a discounted rate making it a win-win throughout the #Legends journey.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”

– Steve Jobs

Success Stories

“Zainab has the wonderful ability to ask all the right questions at the right time. She has delivered on strength, yet kindness and on professionalism, yet compassion. Her positive radiating personality is infectious, delivering excellent coaching results to empower me and propel me in the right direction. She is gifted & authentic and I would happily deploy her coaching services over and over again.”

Gisela Craig